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Professional Van Racking for Ford Transit

Get more out of your van with Bott Smartvan racking packages designed specifically for Ford Transit vans and the tools you use. Our van racking solutions maximise usable load space, organising your van – protecting your kit, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the job.


6 Reasons To Get Bott Smartvan Racking For Ford Transit

  • 1. Fast self-fit – approximately 1 - 2 hours fitting time per rack
  • 2. Organise your van - Our clever van racking design, helps you get organised whilst retaining a full width load bay
  • 3. Fast delivery - common models delivered within 3 – 5 working days
  • 4. No drilling required - we use existing van fitting points, eliminating the need to drill holes in your van
  • 5. Made for you - choose from Standard and Premium solutions designed for you, or build your own
  • 6. Buy More, Save More - Save up to 20% with our dynamic discounting.

How To Install Bott Smartvan For Ford Transit

Bott Smartvan racking is mountable within existing van fitting points - eliminating the need to drill holes in your van and can be installed into vans with existing ply-lining.

Compatible with existing integral flooring (removing the need to buy and install a costly floor) all systems are easy to fit with simple systems taking just two hours to install.

The UK manufactured racking comes with a 3-year warranty and offers accessories such as integrated tie-downs to securely hold your equipment in place and in-shelf organisation kits - customise your van racking to suit your needs

Fed up with a messy van?
bott smartvan install video one

Van racking system installation video

bott smartvan install video two

Underfloor van storage system installation video

Choose and Buy

Configure your own bespoke solution for your Ford Transit within our custom build tool by selecting your vehicle below. Bott Smartvan offers a speedy 3-5 working days delivery service.

*** Van Model L1 = SWB (Short Wheel Base) L2 = LWB (Long Wheel Base)
*** Crew vans are sometimes referred to as Combi/Double Cab

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Bott Smartvan Safety Features

Bott van racking products have been crash tested at the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) in Warwickshire.

A vehicle body shell fitted with fully ballasted van racking was mounted on MIRA’s HyGe sled. The sled was accelerated by a pneumatic piston to simulate the forces experienced in a frontal impact. The van racking storage system successfully passed the test first time with no modifications.

The test was performed to EU ECE / R17 standards using a half sine wave 24g ECE17 acceleration pulse, simulating a 30mph frontal impact.

bott modulo van racking, 570mm width module - MIR...

Bott Smartvan Accessories Shop

Once you have purchased your Bott Smartvan racking system, you may want some extras to give it those finishing touches. Whether it’s bigger items that go into the modules or smaller accessories that go in the shelves, The Smartvan accessory shop has everything.

These include items such as:

  • Shelves, Panels & Tool/Service Case Holders
  • Shelf Mats, Shelf Divider Kits & Shelf Box Kits
  • Underfloor Storage Containers
  • Load Straps/Mats
  • And much more

Use the link on the right to visit our Bott Smartvan accessories shop now.

From the Blog

About Ford Transit

The Transit benefited from a range of updates in 2016 that included the adoption of EcoBlue TDCi engines which are Euro6 compliant. The latest Transit line-up also offers updated tech and safety kit, and the driving dynamics have been improved a little too.

The two key trim levels remain, so you can order a Transit Base or a Transit Trend and you can also specify your Transit van in three different load lengths (L2, L3 and L4) plus two roof heights (H2 and H3). The Ford Transit used to have the lowest payload of any 3.5t van, but the transition to the EcoBlue engine has resulted in a 1,445kg payload rating for the lightest FWD Transit variant.

Bott Smartvan FAQs

Van racking is an in-vehicle storage system which helps you organise your van, increasing efficiency and safety.

  • A tidy, well organised Ford Transit van will impress your customers.
  • Van racking saves time when searching for something that’s needed on your job.
  • Van racking promotes organised storage which minimises the amount you need to store, reducing your vehicle load, therefore saving fuel.
  • Organised storage helps protect valuable tools and parts.
  • You may even find that you won’t need such a big van, saving you more money - and you could also save up to 5%* on your van insurance!
  • Van racking helps protect against internal denting and damage to bodywork from unsecured loads. This helps keep the van in good condition which can result in a higher resale value.
  • Van racking gives convenient access to tools and parts preventing the minor injuries sustained when searching through disorganised equipment.
  • Loose cargo rolling around in your van can be dangerous - even fatal. Van racking improves load security, creating a safer environment for you on the road.

The racking fixes to existing fixing points in your van so no drilling is required, it has been designed so it can be installed using common tools such as allen keys, spanners and a socket set.
We also recommend that a Torque Wrench is used to secure fixings to the instructed level of tightness, typically 8Nm.

The system uses a unique floor, made of a hard-wearing 12mm water-resistant ply, complete with a durable non-slip grey surface. Our van floors include a vehicle-specific fitting kit. The solution is designed to make the most of all available space in the van, covering the exposed sides of the van, so side linings are not needed.

No! Once you’ve chosen the units to meet your requirements, that’s it. As soon as you’ve fitted the system and stored your tools and equipment, you’ll be up and running - and working much more efficiently than ever before.

Smartvan currently offers racking solutions for small and medium vans. We do have 2 other ranges within Bott called Uno and Vario that could help. Please see the catalogues for these on the link: https://www.bottltd.co.uk/about-bott-downloads-1998.html&CategoryID=6667
If you would like to speak to someone about these ranges you can call 01530 410600.

Yes it may just be that you will need to trim it or drill a hole in it to gain access to the van's fixing point.

Our racks are compatible with all manufacturers' floors. If you want our floor you will need to remove any existing floor you may have.

Currently no but we are working on it at the moment. You are welcome to travel here to see the product.

482mm wide x 285mm deep.

Standard 3-5 working days. If frames we don’t hold in stock such as a Nissan NV200 then 10 days. (This can be checked on our configurator)

Smartvan is a self-fit range so no drilling involved. The racks secure by using the van's existing fixing points and we supply all the fixings and installation guides. If you want to get an idea of the fitting process we have the instructions available to view in the `How to install` section above.

The Heaviest module is 36kgs. The weights are now on show below the selected module on our custom build configurator.


1060mm load space available.

About 15 inches. If you are fitting accessories first - leave the bottom ones last and start from the top. The bottom accessories may not fit.

Unfortunately no, the reason for this is because the deck fixes to the racks. If there were no racks the deck would just sit in the middle of the van with a gap the whole way round.

620mm x 820mm.

* Source - www.quotelinedirect.co.uk/guide/van-racking.asp