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For tradesmen who want to get the most out of their van, van racking is key. The first consideration is often to use ply racking because it’s cheaper in the short term and can be done yourself but don’t be fooled - sometimes DIY isn’t the answer. In this post we explain how much better professional Smartvan racking is compared to ply wood racking so that you have all of the information you need to make the right choice.

So you’ve got your shiny new work van and you want some professional racking to match. You’ve seen our van racking at a trade show or in a friend’s van and you’re keen to get some yourself. We understand that van racking is a big investment purchase as your van, so below are a few things to think about before you check-out...

Underfloor Racking & Deck Kit - Everything You Need to Know Van racking is a huge help when it comes to organising your van and when we develop each piece of kit, we try very hard to think about what our customers need. One element that can really help organise your van is a floor kit or raised deck unit. In this post we explain everything you need to know about these kits & why they are an excellent addition to your van racking system.

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