Customer Testimonial Blog – Ryan Mills (G.D. Mills Plumbing & Heating)

Ryan Mill’s family business (G.D. Mills Plumbing & Heating) was established in 1983, and he is the 4th generation of his family to work in this trade. Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, he works hard to maintain the strong reputation he has built for first class workmanship, service and professionalism.

Ryan purchased our van racking in 2018 and since then has spent many a weekend tinkering around with it as his job and tools evolve.


Q1. Why did you want to have racking in your van?

A1. It’s key to keeping the business organised and my day to day running of it. The van is essentially my office space. It’s vital to keep tidy IMO. I love how easy it is to lay my hand on stock within the van and know exactly what I’m carrying on the vans stock at any one time. Before I found myself making trips to the merchants to buy material which was already in the van.

Q2. When looking at different racking options, including ply, what were the most important features that a solution needed to have?

A2. I found ply impossible to change once you’d install the original set up. That’s why I was a huge fan of the Bott Smartvan range. I’ve had it for just over a year and changed it on numerous occasions with huge ease.

Q3. Out of all the options, what made you choose Bott Smartvan?

A3. Looks wise Bott Smartvan was the best looking and I loved the way you can step the shelving options to maximize space. Something rival firms don’t seem to offer.

Q4. What element of having our van racking has given you back the most time?

A4. I find it so easy to lay my hand on whatever it is I need & know exactly where it is.

Q5. What element of having our van racking has saved you the most money?

A5. Again being able to lay my hand on any item I require knowing that it’s in the van and not making unnecessary trips to the merchants or buying multiple items and wasting money on fuel.

Q6. Have you found any surprising benefits which you weren’t expecting?

A6. Not really tbh. I do love the mounting straps and been amazed just how much I’ve used them. Not something I used with ply racking as the option wasn’t really available to me.

Q7. What is the single best thing about Bott Smartvan?

A7. The way it’s so easy to add different configurations. I’ve added the half floor deck & a van vault slider since I originally installed the Bott Smartvan van racking. All done with minimum stress.

Q8. Do you have any advice to people considering racking out their vans?

A8. Give Bott Smartvan serious consideration. Not only is it lighter than ply it’s easily interchangeable with a healthy list of accessories and loads keeping coming through the pipeline. It’s also extremely tough and can take some serious pounding and still holds up with the range consisting mainly of metal. It’s not the cheapest option but it’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made and will be taken with me to the next van I purchase and the one after that.
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