Customer Testimonial Blog – PB Plumber (Peter Booth)

Peter Booth, better known as PB Plumber, is a 3rd generation plumber based in Loughborough. He engages heavily in issues relevant to the plumbing and heating industry, including the #NoVANber campaign to raise the profile of van crime and to try to seek ways to reduce the levels and impact of this crime on the industry.

Peter purchased our van racking back in 2017 and has kindly shared his thoughts on a product he has now been working with for over 2 years.

Q1. Why did you want to have racking in your van?

A1. I’ve always had ply racking, I feel it would be impossible to do my job without an organised van

Q2. When looking at different racking options, including ply, what were the most important features that a solution needed to have?

A2. It had to have the layout I wanted 

Q3. Out of all the options, what made you choose Bott Smartvan?

A3. I loved the options available, the accessories, even the colour. I looked at and researched it a lot before settling on Bott 

Q4. What element of having our van racking has given you back the most time?

A4. Probably the removable drawers 

Q5. What element of having our van racking has saved you the most money?

A5. Just making my van more organised so I can locate what I need faster 

Q6. Have you found any surprising benefits which you weren’t expecting?

A6. You can literally take it apart and change it, my van is a transformer 

Q7. What is the single best thing about Bott Smartvan?

A7. Options 

Q8. Do you have any advice to people considering racking out their vans?

A8. Look at it as an investment and know it’s worth every penny 

You can follow Peter on Twitter or Instagram (@PBplumber) and check out his YouTube channel