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Ryan Mill’s family business (G.D. Mills Plumbing & Heating) was established in 1983, and he is the 4th generation of his family to work in this trade. Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, he works hard to maintain the strong reputation he has built for first class workmanship, service and professionalism.

Ryan purchased our van racking in 2018 and since then has spent many a weekend tinkering around with it as his job and tools evolve.

To celebrate the release of our new trade van racking packages we thought we’d catch up with one of our favourite Electricians. James Wilkins is the owner of Wimbledon Electrician Ltd and purchased his first set of bott Smartvan racking in 2017. We caught up with him for a chat about what drove his decision to buy a Smartvan solution and how the racking has worked for him over the last year.

“Hi James, thank you for taking the time to speak to us today. We’re hoping that your insights and experience will help other tradespeople who are considering investing in van racking.”

“No problem, glad to help if I can.”

Peter Booth, better known as PB Plumber, is a 3rd generation plumber based in Loughborough. He engages heavily in issues relevant to the plumbing and heating industry, including the #NoVANber campaign to raise the profile of van crime and to try to seek ways to reduce the levels and impact of this crime on the industry.

Peter purchased our van racking back in 2017 and has kindly shared his thoughts on a product he has now been working with for over 2 years.