Van Vault - A new solution to van security

It’s no secret that the last few years have seen a worrying increase in the number of tool thefts reported in the UK. Police figures suggest that in just two years, incidence of the crime has risen by nearly two thirds prompting reports of an ‘epidemic’ plaguing the industry and leaving tens of thousands of hard-working tradesmen substantially out of pocket and with their livelihoods hanging in the balance. 

The spotlight on tool theft even prompted trade Twitter-celeb PB Plumber (@pbplumber on Twitter) to set up an official petition, asking the government to investigate what more can be done to tackle crimes like van and tool theft and heighten security. The petition has reached over 38,000 signatures to date and is an important step in bringing the trades community together to fight this common problem.

While this fight will no doubt continue, bott Smartvan knows very well that safety and security are paramount to our customers. The bott Smartvan racking system has some useful benefits when it comes to security, offering a few clever deterrents and simplifying the process of tool removal:

  1. Our handy removable storage boxes – the VarioSlide and VarioSafe – and the Service and Power Tool Case Holders make it incredibly easy to remove valuable items from the van at home or on-site, plus, they keep you organised and efficient too!
  2. With a raised floor deck from bott Smartvan, items stored underneath the deck are shielded from view of the windows, making a break-in less tempting for thieves.
  3. Our well-secured racking for the Near- and Offside of the van can help to deter thieves who try to cut through side walls, making it much more difficult to access the tools and parts left inside.

While this is a good start, we know that more needs to be done and the team at bott Smartvan have been working hard to find a solution that allows you to have the best of both worlds – a tidy van that is tailored to your profession and creates a more efficient workspace, and a way of securely storing expensive tools and parts, deterring would-be thieves and protecting your livelihood. And we think we’ve found one…

Van Vault is the UK’s No.1 mobile security brand, producing a huge range of secure storage solutions for both in-vehicle and on-site use. We’ve been inspired by some of the amazing set-ups our customers have created by combining a bott Smartvan racking solution with a secure and durable product from Van Vault, and we wanted to make it even easier to buy and install the kit in your van in one go, without having to make time for two installations. So, from February 2019, we’re pleased to announce that you will be able to purchase your Van Vault Slider directly from the bott Smartvan website and build it straight into your custom racking system with no fuss.


The Slider is perfect for hiding away those expensive tool cases; designed with low visibility in mind, it will easily fit under our popular half-length raised deck kits which come with the means to raise the floor level, allowing you to further protect your investment by tucking the Van Vault away out of sight.

The full height floor drawer will comfortably store 6 power tool cases stacked in 2 layers and locks securely with a key. The drawer is made from 1.25mm sheet steel and holds loads of up to 300KG. With the Vault mounted securely to the floor between the wheel arches, the highly effective, anti-pick and anti-drill disc lock mechanism keeps your livelihood safe and secure, giving you the peace of mind to get on with your job and to enjoy your time off without worrying about removing your tools on a daily basis.


The war on van and tool theft and therefore increased security is set to continue but at bott Smartvan we’re going to keep striving for solutions that will protect sole traders from this devastating crime. The #noVANber petition to help address the problem of tool-related theft is still open and active until the 1st May 2019 so if you haven’t yet signed and would like to support the trades community in their fight against tool thieves, visit the government’s website here.

The Van Vault Slider will be available on the online configurator from February 2019 and will be exclusively available with ½ deck floor kits which are height adjustable to accommodate the Slider. Or, if you’d like to add to your existing bott Smartvan set-up, it will also be available to buy from our online Accessories Shop. Need help with raising your existing deck kit? Contact our customer services team on 0800 915 6013 for help.

For more information on bott Smartvan racking solutions, to look at ‘before & after’ or to hear what others have to say you can also visit us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.