Focus On: Volkswagen

This month we’re taking a look at manufacturer Volkswagen, arguably one of our most popular makes here at bott Smartvan and an incredibly popular choice when it comes to medium-sized commercial vans.

We know there are a lot of fans out there and for very good reason: Volkswagen picked up a host of industry awards in 2018 at the Van Fleet World/Vans A2Z Awards, including manufacturer of the year and best large and light commercial vehicle for the Crafter and the Caddy respectively.

We’re going to be looking at the range of bott Smartvan racking currently available for Volkswagen van models, and what other owners have used to kit out their mobile workspace. Read on for some serious racking inspiration!

Which Volkswagen models can I rack out?

bott Smartvan currently offer racking systems for the three main models of Volkswagen; the compact Caddy, sector favourite the Transporter, and the much larger Crafter, a reasonably new addition to the bott Smartvan catalogue.

The Caddy panel van is Volkswagen’s compact offering to the market; the Caddy provides a load capacity of up to 3.2m³, or, if you’re looking for a compact van with a little more room for larger spares and parts, the Caddy Maxi panel van manages to squeeze up to 4.2m³ into its compact body.

bott Smartvan provide a racking solution for both the L1 Caddy with either a single or dual sliding side doors, and the Caddy Maxi with dual side doors so nobody is left out. Adding a lightweight racking system to a compact van can greatly increase your load space as bott Smartvan racking sits over the wheel arches and utilises otherwise dead space for the organised storage of everything from the smallest of screws and washers, to paint tins, toolboxes and spare parts.

Popular modules for the L1 Caddy include Module 7 and Module 116 which offer a variety of storage options that are very versatile and great for utilising space. Module 7 is a half-sized module which fits right beside the nearside sliding door. The rack includes three easily removeable VarioSort service cases with sliding brackets which are the perfect solution to storing the smallest of parts, keeping these day-to-day necessities safe and portable for carrying onto and away from site as and when you need them.


This module also comes with two 500w galvanised shelves which are ideal for keeping extra tools or parts safe and secure in transit and can be customised with moveable shelf dividers, anti-slip mats and bottBox removeable storage boxes for even more organised spaces to keep your spares.

Module 116 is a full-length rack that sits on the offside of the single door Caddy. As well as providing 5 additional galvanised shelves for customisation, 116 also comes with three power tool case holders; this handy kit is ideal for ensuring your expensive power tools aren’t left sitting in awkwardly shaped shelves or, even worse, sliding around the floor and potentially getting damaged!

Our power tool case holders are also available to buy individually from the bott Smartvan accessory shop so you can add additional storage to your racks if 3 tool cases just aren’t enough.

A full set up like this for the Volkswagen Caddy costs around £820 + VAT.

On the much larger end of the range is the mighty Crafter, a double award winner of Parkers' Best Van of the Year award in 2018 and 2019! The Crafter is lauded as a vehicle that can demonstrate utility, versatility and comfort while also providing the type of carrying capacity necessary for seriously heavy loads.

bott Smartvan are pleased to be able to supply a racking set-up for the L3H3 version of the Crafter – Medium wheelbase in Volkswagen’s terminology – and we hope to develop more solutions for other models in the future.

Full side-racking set-ups for the Crafter start from just £1300 + VAT, and if you’re looking for something with a bit more variety, the large van racking kits are the most versatile around. With the capacity to house every storage solution in the bott Smartvan range in just a single module, you can create a set-up that will truly revolutionise your working day and leave you more time for the parts of the job that really matter.


A full set up like this for the Volkswagen Crafter costs around £1850 + VAT.

Top modules for the Volkswagen Transporter

The bott Smartvan range for the hugely popular Transporter offers customers a number of different racking options that can be customised to suit any trade or job. bott Smartvan can offer set-ups for the L1 and L2 wheelbase panel vans, with either a single or dual side door, as well as the L1 or L2 Crew van which features a reduced loading area for maximum passenger capacity. Here are our most popular modules purchased by Transporter owners:

Module 404 – Module 404 is perfect for tradespeople on-the-go; the rack includes three VarioSort service cases with brackets for sorting and transporting your small parts – also great for making sure you always achieve an efficient and accurate stock check!


The module also includes four galvanised shelves – 500w and of varying depths – and two sliding VarioSafe boxes which are fully and easily removable from the rack when necessary and can be carried safely using the automatic locking mechanism built into the handle. The boxes even lock together in a stack so you can carry both together with no fuss!

Module 509 – Module 509 sits at the rear on the offside of the van and allows you to store three of your own power tool cases in handy purpose made brackets. By keeping tool cases elevated and stored off of the floor, your valuable power tools remain safe, secure and undamaged in transit. And there’ll be no digging around for them at the end of a long working day – you can achieve peace of mind by knowing exactly where they are when you need to remove them from the van.


Six additional galvanised shelves – including three deep 325mm shelves – at the rear provide even more opportunities to customise your storage for the parts you need to carry day-to-day.

Full Deck Kit and Floor with Boxes – Looking for even more storage to utilise your load area? The Transporter is capable of holding a full-length bott Smartvan deck kit which runs from the bulkhead back to the rear loading door.


The deck comes complete with a 12mm non-slip plywood floor panel to protect the floor of the van from wear and tear and can easily fit three Euroboxes end to end on each side of the deck. With 253mm of useable space underneath you can store everything from extra storage boxes and ladders to a longer kit like pipes and tubes.


This design is available through our handy online configurator and can be further customised to include the parts and accessories you need to make it work for your business. The set-up you see here costs around £1500 + VAT, and includes a 15% dynamic discount!

If you’ve got a Volkswagen van or are thinking of upgrading to a new model, check out our racking offering on the online configurator, or take a look at some of our customer images on the website.

Not sure if bott Smartvan is the right system for you? Check out our 10 things to consider before you order your racking blog post or find out why a professional, lightweight system to organise your workday triumphs over DIY Ply.

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