Focus On: Vauxhall

The van market these days is packed with a huge variety of practical, well spec’d vehicles from a number of different manufacturers. At bott Smartvan we try to keep on top of new releases and continue to expand our range of available racking.

This month we are going to be looking at the range that bott Smartvan currently offer for Vauxhall vans, and what our customers think is the ideal set-up for this popular workhorse.

Which Vauxhall models can I rack out?

bott Smartvan currently offer racking for two Vauxhall models; the Combo and the Vivaro.

The Combo is a small sized van but it offers spacious load areas for its class, making it an ideal candidate for an efficient, space-saving racking solution. We currently offer a solution for the Panel version of the Combo and can supply racks to fit the L1H1 or L2 spec model.


Our most popular module for the Combo is Module 116. This module offers a number of shelves – providing a flexible storage option – and three power tool case holders which can help to protect your power tools and ensure that they arrive at your next job in one piece.


The Vivaro is the medium sized vehicle option from the manufacturer and is by far our most popular Vauxhall offering – in fact, it is our 4th most popular van overall! Both Panel and Crew versions of the racking system are available to buy online from our configurator. For more information on the Vivaro and the type of features it can offer as a mobile workspace, why not check out our first guest blog from the guys over at Vansdirect.

Whether you are looking to kit out a panel or a crew, a long or short wheelbase van, bott Smartvan can help!

Top 4 modules for the Vauxhall Vivaro

The bott Smartvan range for the Vivaro offers customers a number of different racking options that can be customised to suit any trade or job. Here are our most popular modules purchased by Vivaro owners:

Module 401 – This is a basic, but highly versatile, module that sits at the rear of the loading area. The module includes 4 long shelves that are ideal for storing larger or longer objects that need to be kept secure and off the floor.

There are a number of accessories that can be purchased for these shelves, such as anti-slip mats, shelf dividers, in-shelf box kits or larger bottBoxes to store small items such as bolts or washers.


Module 510 – Module 510 is a hugely popular module and allows you to store six of your own power tool cases which helps to keep your valuable tools safe, secure and undamaged in transit.

Four additional galvanised shelves – including two deep 325mm shelves – at the rear provide even more opportunities to customise your storage for the parts you need to carry day-to-day.

Module 602 – This module offers additional storage behind the rear offside rack – it comes with 4 deep galvanised shelves.

As with our other modules it is possible to purchase accessories to customise your shelves but Module 602 comes with 5 plastic bottBoxes already included so you can easily store smaller parts.


Module 103B – Bulkhead racks are great ways of utilising usually wasted space in your van!

This module provides the most varied offering in our bulkhead range, including one full width and two half width shelves of varying depths, an open section at the bottom so you can access your bulkhead load through hatch (just remember to open it before installation!) and 2 perfo panels where you can mount many of our accessory storage devices such as aerosol or sealant holders, paper roll holders, spring clips, cable hooks, Tool Flex Clamps, hose holders, Tiltboxes and more.

To check out our perfo accessories why not have a browse through the bott Smartvan Accessories Shop?

Best of all – this set up will automatically qualify you for a 15% dynamic discount on our configurator! That’s over £200 worth of savings.


If you’ve got a Vauxhall van or are thinking of upgrading to a new model, check out our racking offering on the online configurator, or take a look at some of our customer images on the website or on our social media channels.

And of course, our sales team are always available to answer questions via phone on 0800 915 6013.