Focus On: Mercedes-Benz

Our focus this month is F1 championship-winning manufacturer Mercedes-Benz! Mercedes have long been a staple of the luxury car market and have kept pace with the commercial sector by producing a range of solid, comfortable working vehicles too.

This month we are going to be looking at the range of bott Smartvan racking currently available for Mercedes van models, and what other Merc owners have used to kit out their mobile workspace. Read on for racking inspiration!

Which Mercedes-Benz models can I rack out?

bott Smartvan currently offers racking solutions for the Mercedes Vito and the Citan – the small and medium offerings from the range. Vito solutions are available for the long wheelbase panel van with dual sliding side doors. Solutions for the smaller Citan are also available in the long wheelbase model and are offered for both single and dual sliding side door models.

The Citan is the most compact of the Mercedes range, offering a load area of 2.4m3 – ideal for small loads and city driving – which can be maximised by installing a practical racking system to organise your day-to-day working environment.

Modules 11 and 303 are both popular modules with owners of the Citan and offer a number of versatile storage options including galvanised open shelving which can be accessorised with anti-slip mats, shelf dividers and removeable storage boxes, all available as a Recommended Accessory kit from the bott Smartvan Configurator.

Module 11 also includes three of our popular perfo panels which are perfect for storing tools and accessories from our online accessory store. Check out the accessories and safety kit you could be storing on your perfo by heading over to our online Accessory Shop now.

Why not create extra storage space in your compact van by installing one of our bott Smartvan raised deck kits? The kit comes complete with a 12mm non-slip plywood floor panel to protect the floor of the van from wear and tear. With 253mm of useable space under the deck, it provides room for additional storage boxes, ladders and pipes, all while leaving the top of the deck clear for toolboxes, parts or appliances.


A full set up like this for the Mercedes Citan costs around £950 + VAT.

Top modules for the Mercedes-Benz Vito

The Vito is Mercedes’ answer to the medium-sized van, offering owners an intuitive, practical and comfortable ‘driving experience’. Currently, bott Smartvan can offer a solution for the Long (or L2) wheelbase model, which is sizeable enough to hold 2.5 europallets worth of cargo – an impressive 6m3 of space for carrying tools and parts.

A popular module sporting one of bott Smartvan’s newest additions to the accessory line is Module 411 which includes a full-length cable reel holder, which will keep your tube-based kit secure and organised. This can sit anywhere on the rack and is accompanied by three long galvanised open shelves which come in depths of up to 325mm deep – a versatile option for maximising your storage on the side walls of the van.


Module 507 is a very popular choice for existing Vito customers and offers a handy way of storing and transporting your kit in and out of the van. Offering four half-width galvanised shelves which can be customised using shelf dividers or bottBoxes, the module also comes with a number of larger removable storage drawers – three VarioSlide boxes and two lidded VarioSafe boxes which are fully-stackable and can be easily carried from van to site so you can save time digging around for the items you need for your day-to-day jobs.

This design is available through our handy online configurator and can be further customised to include the parts and accessories you need to make it work for your business. The set-up you see here costs around £900 + VAT!

If you’ve got a Mercedes-Benz van or are thinking of upgrading to a new model, check out our racking offering on the online configurator, or take a look at some of our customer images on the website.

Not sure if bott Smartvan is the right system for you? Check out our 10 things to consider before you order your racking blog post or find out why a professional, lightweight system to organise your workday triumphs over DIY Ply.

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