Focus On: Ford

This month our manufacturer focus is on the ever-popular Ford commercial range. Ford pride themselves on creating practical, comfortable and technologically advanced commercial vehicles, claiming that these ‘smart vehicles’ house many technologies that are not even available in cars today.

Ford is consistently a top seller here at bott Smartvan, so much so that we chose a Ford Custom as our all-important demo van: our bott Smartvan is kitted out with a full racking set-up and all of the latest accessory releases to take on the road to Toolfairs and shows across the country.

We’re going to be looking at the huge range of bott Smartvan racking currently available for Ford van models, and what other owners have used to kit out their mobile workspace. Read on for some serious racking inspiration!


Which Ford models can I rack out?

Ford is by far our most diverse and complete range of racking, currently standing at more than 20 Ford model variations. The smallest of the Ford offerings is the Courier, a compact city van that boasts efficiency in its day-to-day running but offers 10% more load volume than other vehicles in its class.

bott Smartvan can offer racking for the Courier panel van which comes in standard length and height and has a single sliding nearside door.


A full set up like this for the Ford Courier costs around £730 + VAT.

Another available model is the Connect which is a slightly larger sibling to the Courier, offering a larger load volume – up to 3.6m3 – and, with its load through bulkhead option, the Connect can carry longer items that the Courier would be too compact to handle.

bott Smartvan supply a racking system for two distinct versions of the Connect; due to changes in the chassis of the Connect in 2013 the fixing points inside the van were changed and therefore, as a no-drill solution, bott Smartvan had to re-invent the brackets and fixings to keep pace with the change. bott Smartvan offers kit suitable for both the 2003-2012 manufactured van and for the 2013 model which is still current today. It is available in both L1 and L2 wheelbases and can be purchased for a single or dual sliding side door model.


A full set up like this for the L2 Ford Connect model costs around £790 + VAT.

A newer addition to the bott Smartvan catalogue is the Ford Transit, which was one of the very first introduced in our rollout of large van racking kits, proving Ford’s popularity amongst bott Smartvan customers.

The Transit comes in both Front Wheel Drive and Rear Wheel Drive, and this is important to customers considering the bott Smartvan solution for the Transit. As with the Connect, the fixing points in the two versions of the Transit do differ so it’s important to choose the correct model when planning your kit. Both the FWD and the RWD options can be purchased for L2 and L3 models of the Transit and these can be purchased in either the standard (H2) or high (H3) roof models.


A full set up like this for the Ford Transit L3H3 FWD costs around £2000 + VAT.

Top modules for the Ford Custom

The bott Smartvan range for the market-leading Ford Custom offers customers a huge and varied choice of customisable storage options that can be tailored to any job or trade. bott Smartvan can offer set-ups for the L1 and L2 wheelbase panel van models, with either a single or dual side door, and at either the standard (H1) or high (H2) roof height. Racking for the Custom can also be purchased for the L1 or L2 Crew van which features a reduced loading area for maximum passenger capacity. Here are our most popular modules purchased by Ford Custom owners:

Module 410 – Module 410 is a hugely popular module, allowing you to store six of your own power tool cases in specially designed sliding brackets. These power tool case holders are one of our best-selling accessories and help to keep your valuable tools safe, secure and undamaged in transit. Plus, keeping these tools organised and within easy reach saves you time both on the job and when you’re clearing up the van at the end of the day.


Four additional galvanised shelves – including two deep 325mm shelves – at the rear of the van provide even more opportunities to customise your storage for the parts you need to carry day-to-day.

Module 504 – Module 504 is perfect for tradespeople on-the-go; the rack includes three VarioSort service cases with brackets for sorting and transporting your small parts – they’re also great for making sure you always achieve an efficient and accurate stock check!


This module also includes four galvanised shelves – 500w and of varying depths – and two sliding VarioSafe boxes which are fully and easily removable from the rack when necessary and can be carried safely using the automatic locking mechanism built into the handle. The boxes even lock together in a stack so you can carry both together with no fuss!

Module 602 – This module is one of our most popular for medium vans and offers additional storage behind the rear offside rack near the bulkhead – it comes with 4 deep galvanised shelves which can be fixed at any height in the frame.


As with our other modules, it is possible to purchase accessories to customise your shelves but Module 602 comes with 5 plastic bottBoxes already included so you can easily store smaller parts, ensuring they’re always accessible when you need them.

Module 103B – Bulkhead racks are great ways of utilising usually wasted space in your van!

This module provides the most varied offering in our bulkhead range, including one full width and two half-width shelves of varying depths, an open section at the bottom so you can access your bulkhead load through hatch (just remember to open it before installation!) and 2 perfo panels where you can mount many of our accessory storage devices such as aerosol or sealant holders, paper roll holders, spring clips, cable hooks, Tool Flex Clamps, hose holders, Tiltboxes and more.

To check out our perfo accessories why not have a browse through the bott Smartvan Accessories Shop?


This design is available through our handy online configurator and can be further customised to include the parts and accessories you need to make it work for your business. The set-up you see here costs around £1600 + VAT, and includes a 15% dynamic discount!

If you’ve got a Ford van or are thinking of upgrading to a new model, check out our racking offering on the online configurator, or take a look at some of our customer images on the website.

Not sure if bott Smartvan is the right system for you? Check out our 10 things to consider before you order your racking blog post or find out why a professional, lightweight system to organise your workday triumphs over DIY Ply.

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