Focus On: Fiat

This month, we return to our monthly Focus On feature by taking a closer look at Fiat, a mainstay of the automotive industry with over 100 years’ experience of manufacturing for four wheels. Fiat Professional supply a variety of vans and reliable working vehicles suitable for a range of uses and load types, providing plenty of excellent features for added durability, safety and passenger comfort.

bott Smartvan currently offer a number of solutions for the Fiat van range. Read on to find out what our customers think is the ideal set-up for these reliable, long-trusted working vehicles.

Which Fiat models can I rack out?

The bott Smartvan range covers a variety of Fiat models, from the smallest offerings – the Fiorino and Doblo – to the more spacious workhorses – the medium-sized Talento and the large Ducato.

The Fiat Fiorino is a cargo van offering a modest 2.8m3 cargo volume, for those with smaller loads to transport. Fiat prides this compact workhorse on its comfort, boasting a highly accommodating cab with high levels of functionality and a range of equipment which helps to make day-to-day tasks easier for the busy tradesman.

Want to know more about the Fiorino ‘city van’? Check out our recent guest blog from Vansdirect to explore why this compact vehicle has made such an impact on the small van market.

The bott Smartvan racking range can be purchased for both single and dual side door models of the Fiorino and can help to keep this compact load area organised, practical and fit for purpose. Our most popular set-up for the Fiorino costs less than £850 including VAT!



The Talento is the medium-sized vehicle option from Fiat, the ideal partner for those looking for a sturdy working vehicle suitable for transporting larger goods. With a load capacity of up to 8.6m3, it is sizeable enough to rival the largest of the Ford Custom models, arguably one of the most popular medium-sized vans on the market today. bott Smartvan can offer a customisable racking solution for the L1 and L2 models of the Talento panel van, as well as for the Talento Crew van, which provides a reduced load area but increased passenger seating for those who need more man-power day-to-day.

Save time on purchasing your racking for the Talento by choosing from our range of standard and premium racking packages for both the panel and crew vans, allowing you to choose a specially designed set-up that works for you without the need to design your own.

Packages are available for under £1000 (depending on model). Visit our online configurator to explore which package would best suit your business needs!

Top modules for the Fiat Doblo

At the smaller end of the scale in Fiat’s diverse range of commercial vehicles is the Doblo Cargo van. It’s larger than the Fiorino, beating the smallest of Fiat’s offerings in load volume by almost double. bott Smartvan offer solutions for the Doblo panel van in two lengths, the regular L1 model – both single and dual side door – and the slightly longer Doblo Maxi which provides an extra 350mm in chassis length and an increased cargo space.

Simplicity is key in small vans and our most popular modules purchased by existing customers for the Doblo prove it!

Module 3 – This is our basic half-width module which fits neatly beside the sliding nearside door. It offers four 500w galvanised open shelves of varying depths which can be used for storing everything from spares and parts to power tools.

These versatile shelving units can be easily customised using bott Smartvan’s additional accessories, including shelf dividers which keep smaller parts safe and separate, anti-slip load mats so your kit doesn’t slide around, and bottBoxes which can be divided into individual sections and are perfect for organising small parts, ensuring efficient stock management.

Module 113 – This is a full-width module which fits on the offside of the van in single side door models of the Doblo and offers additional shelving up to 225mm deep.

Module 113 also offers two of our removable VarioSlide drawers which can be quickly detached from the racking to be taken onto site or inside for safe-keeping. Fully-stackable, these sliding drawers can be placed anywhere on the racking to make the set-up customisable for you and your business.

This popular set-up for the Doblo costs less than £850 including VAT! Check out the bott Smartvan website to purchase yours.


Top modules for the Fiat Ducato

The Ducato is the largest of Fiat’s van range, offering a huge 17m3 load space capacity and supporting more than 2000kg of payload. After 35 years of development, the Ducato is lauded for its tried and tested reliability and, with a staggering 10,000 versions available, it really is one of the most versatile vehicles in the large van market.

The Ducato was rolled out on the bott Smartvan website as part of our phase 2 release of large van racking kits and it’s a popular choice with customers! bott Smartvan currently offer racking for the L2H2 and L3H2 models, allowing you to make that mammoth load capacity work hard for your business. Racking modules for the Ducato are incredibly versatile and varied. Due to the sheer size of the vehicle, large van racks often allow multiple storage solutions to fit into one single rack – meaning you don’t have to choose between your basic – but always handy – open shelving and your perfo panel tool storage. With a Ducato, you can have both!

Module 2066 – This is a popular choice with customers of the L2 model, sitting neatly beside the sliding door on the nearside of the van. The module offers four large perfo panels, ideal for holding accessories like our Tool Flex Clamps, Sealant or Aerosol Holders, Tilt boxes and Hose Holders. Even the perforated end panels provide additional space for hanging tools or safety kit.

It also provides five of our half-width (500w) galvanised open shelves, two of which come with a set of removable bottBoxes, perfect for storing small parts, nuts or screws. You can add Module 2066 to your van for £508 + VAT.


Module 2027 – If you’re lucky enough to have even more space in the L3 model Ducato, this offside racking module is our most versatile yet! Not only does it offer five 750w galvanised open shelves for customising, it also holds three power tool case holders, three VarioSort cases for keeping the smallest of parts safe and portable, VarioSafe and VarioSlide removable storage boxes, and a half-width perfo panel for additional tool and accessory storage.

For real versatility and the opportunity to create a safe and efficient workspace in the mammoth Ducato, a bott Smartvan racking solution is a must! You can organise your workspace with Module 2027 for £960 + VAT. Visit our online configurator to purchase yours today.


If you’ve got a Fiat van or are thinking of upgrading to a new model, check out our racking offering on the online configurator, or take a look at some of our customer images on the website.

Not sure if bott Smartvan is the right system for you? Check out our 10 things to consider before you order your racking blog post or find out why a professional, lightweight system to organise your work day triumphs over DIY Ply.

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