Focus On: Citroen

In the second of our Focus On features, we’re going to be looking at one of our less publicised van makes, Citroen. A popular manufacturer of road cars and with a pedigree for successful rally vehicles, Citroen also turn their hand to producing comfortable, spacious and cleverly designed vans for the trade.

This month we are going to be looking at the range of bott Smartvan racking currently available for Citroen van models, and what other Citroen owners have used to kit out their mobile workspace.

Which Citroen models can I rack out?

The bott Smartvan range for the Citroen is wide-reaching and covers everything from the smallest offerings – the Nemo and the Berlingo – to the popular medium-sized Dispatch.

The Nemo is the most compact of the Citroen range and comes in slightly smaller than the Berlingo, its more spacious sibling. With no choice of wheelbase length or height it is more restricted in size but still offers a roomy load area that can be maximised by installing a practical racking system.

Modules 15 and 115 are both popular modules for small vans and offer a number of versatile storage options including power tool case holders, service cases, removable Bott storage boxes and shelves.


The Dispatch sits in our Top 20 van models and it’s ideal for a full racking set-up to make the most of the generous load area.


Why not create extra storage space by installing one of our bott Smartvan raised deck kits which provides space for the storage of additional storage boxes, ladders, pipes, there’s even room for a Van Vault Slider underneath (please call us on 0800 915 6013), all while leaving the top of the deck clear for toolboxes, parts or appliances.

A full set up like this costs around £1500 + VAT.

Top modules for the Citroen Berlingo

The Berlingo offers a number of practical features for the working tradesperson. Check out our latest guest blog by the guys over at Vansdirect for more information on why this small but practical vehicle is the ideal workhorse.

Here are our customers' top modules for the Citroen Berlingo:

This shortened module on the nearside of the van allows for full access to the sliding side door and, filled with our handy perfo storage panels, Module 11 is ideal for holding accessories like our Tool Flex ClampsSealant or Aerosol Holders, Tiltboxes and Hose Holders. Even the perforated end panels provide additional space for hanging tools or safety kit. And the 500w shelf is perfect for keeping extra tools or parts safe and secure in transit.


Module 102 – This is a basic, but highly versatile, module that sits at the rear offside of the van, making the most of the full length of the load area. The module includes 4 long, deep shelves that are ideal for storing larger or longer objects that need to be kept secure and off the floor.

If you’re looking to store smaller items on the shelves, such as screws or washers, there are a number of accessories that can be purchased to ensure that these parts stay secure and don’t slide around. Anti-slip mats, shelf dividers and in-shelf box kits make ideal accessories and can be purchased as part of our Recommended Accessory Kit through the configurator.

This 12mm hardwearing, water-resistant ply floor panel sits between the two side racks and ensures that your van floor is well protected and always looks professional. The grey surface on top of the panel is non-slip for added safety.

This complete set up costs less than £1000! So don’t delay, get your van work-ready with a bott Smartvan racking system.


If you’ve got a Citroen van or are thinking of upgrading to a new model, check out our racking offering on the online configurator, or take a look at some of our customer images on the website. Not sure if bott Smartvan is the right system for you? Check out our Racking vs Ply blog for some great reasons to choose a professional, lightweight system to organise your workday.



If you are interested in a bott Smartvan system for your Citroen Relay keep your eyes on our social media channels – FacebookTwitter or Instagram – for all the latest release news.

And of course, our sales team are always available to answer questions via Live Chat or by phone on 0800 915 6013.