Bott Smartvan Dynamic Discount Launch

Buy More, Save More!

Brand New for 2018: Bott Smartvan gets even smarter!

Thanks to our fantastic customers, over the past couple of years or so, Bott Smartvan has rapidly grown from an innovative new concept in van racking, into one of the most widely recognised and sought-after van organisation systems for tradesmen and sole traders in the UK.

Drawing on Bott’s thirty-year vehicle fit-out history – and recognising that sole traders and professional tradesmen need clever tool organisation as much as their large-fleet counterparts – this brand new concept in fast self-fit van racking was born.

Buying premium racking in kit form saves the individual trader forking out extra on a fitting service, making it a much more affordable option (and a nice little weekend project!) And, as our business continues to grow, our manufacturing efficiencies increase, which means we are able to pass on more savings to our customers.

As a result, in 2018 we are really excited to be introducing our new dynamic discounting scheme, enabling you to earn up to 20% discount on your Bott Smartvan online van racking configuration. Literally: the more van racking you buy in one go, the more money you will save overall. So how much you can save will depend on your budget.

For example: if you were to put one side rack for your medium sized van, such as Module 404 (pictured below), into your basket online, you would pay the normal price.

Bott Smartvan Module 404
Bott Smartvan Module 404

But, if you were to then add in another rack on the other side, such as Module 502 (below), you could earn an automatic 10% discount on your basket total – saving you over £100!

Bott Smartvan Module 502
Bott Smartvan Module 502

Better still, if you were to then add a third van racking module or an underfloor system into your shopping basket – pushing your total over the £1500 mark – you would save more than £200 overall with our inbuilt dynamic discounting rewards. Or – buy a complete van racking configuration for more than £2000, and you could save yourself 20%, which is anywhere between £400-500 off!

Put simply:Discounting table

Why not try it out for yourself: