Medium Crew Cab/Kombi Vans





2017 has arrived and we are already at the end of January!

Bott Smartvan has lots of exciting things happening this year and the first one isn’t too far away…

We had a lot of enquiries in 2016 for crew cab/kombi van racking solutions, so we have explored that opportunity and are very close to sending the new solutions live!

The L2 (Long wheelbase) vans will be available first and will give you the choice of a rear left hand side rack, a rear right hand side rack, a bulkhead module and an underfloor system.

Below are some images of the finished racking in a Transit Custom L2 crew cab van.




We also have some photos of the VW Transporter T6 L2 crew cab van…

2016-12-01 11.26.28

2016-12-01 09.33.05

We will also be offering solutions for the Vauxhall Vivaro/ Renault Trafic L2 crew cab vans.

The L1 (Short wheelbase) vans will follow on shortly afterwards and all crew cab solutions should be ready to buy in March!

Keep checking our facebook page for updates.

Bott Smartvan in 2016




2016 has been a year of achievements for Bott Smartvan. Looking back to January, the Smartvan offer has gone from strength to strength and we are very excited for what’s to come in 2017.

One of the first things to happen back in February was the makeover of the Smartvan homepage. This had a second makeover in September which included a Customer gallery with prices! You can check this out here –

new webpae
1st Homepage change
new homepage 2
2nd Homepage change

After many customer requests, the 2nd of March saw the introduction of the power tool case holder module.  This module along with module 404/504 is the most popular module for 2016.

RH module
Power tool case holder module.

Something else added to the configurator in March was the Half deck for medium vans. This again was designed after high customer demand. Following on from the half deck of course, is the full length deck which was introduced mid May.

floor choices
Half and Full length decks

On the 15th Of April we added Recommended accessory packs for every module. It can be quite overwhelming choosing all your accessories and trying to figure out where you will put your tools. We pulled together a bit of everything and bundled them into a pack.

recommended accessory kit desktop

recommended accessory kit desktop image
Recommended accessory pack

We had a lot of customers calling and emailing us for a Bott Smartvan catalogue. This was designed and created in July and is now available upon request.

small catalogue   Smartvan catalogue

September was a busy month for the Bott Smartvan team. September was the month of the New Smartvan accessory shop, the new mobile configurator and the introduction of the bulkhead module for medium vans.

The online accessory shop means customers can use this website after their main purchase to add additional extras such as anti-slip mats and shelf dividers. It also offers items that go into the frames such as shelves and service cases. You can find the accessory shop here –

accessory shop
Bott Smartvan accessory shop

The Mobile configurator has given our customers a much better way of viewing our configurator on a mobile device. The mobile version takes the customer on a step by step journey which makes choosing your racking much easier and simpler.

model           ns1

explore         summary 1


Lastly in September was the highly anticipated bulkhead module. We found the big question customers were asking at promotional mornings was “Do you have something that goes at the bulkhead as it’s such wasted space?”

From the feedback gathered from our customers, a module for the bulkhead was no brainer. 4 options were created and are now available for medium vans!

Bulkhead modules

Finally to end the year we added 5 new vans to the configurator in October.

  • Nissan NV300
  • Fiat Talento
  • Peugeot Expert
  • Citroen Dispatch
  • Toyota Proace

So what can you expect in 2017?

We are already working on solutions for the kombi/crew cab vans, so far this will be for the Transit Custom L1 and L2, VW Transporter L2 and Vauxhall Vivaro L2.

We are also looking into a bulkhead module for the Mercedes Vito.

2017 will also see the brand new configurator for desktop which should be live sometime around April and finally we will be attending a few of the tool fair shows!

Make sure you follow Bott Smartvan in 2017 for these exciting events! Of course you can hear all of the latest news by following our facebook page.

Popular Modules




Since January we have found that certain modules have sold well and become the most popular amongst our customers. Looking at our recent 10 sales, 8 of those sales include these modules.

For medium vans there are 2 clear front runners. These are modules 404/504 and 410/510.

Module 410/510 includes 6 x power tool case holders and 4 shelves. We had a lot of requests for this module at the beginning of the year so we listened to our customers and designed module 410/510.

tool case holder module
Module 410/510

Module 404/504 includes 3 services cases with divider boxes, 2 Variosafes (removable boxes) and 4 shelves of varying depths.

Module 404/504

For the smaller vehicles, it is a similar story with module 15 being the most popular. This module includes 3 power tool case holders and a 175 deep shelf.

module 15 small van
Module 15

For the offside rack on small vans we have module 112/212 with the most orders. This module is a simple 4 shelf rack which includes 7 removable Bott boxes.

module 112 or 212 for small van offside
Module 112/212

You can have a look at these modules and which ones are available for your van on our configurator.

Basic, Essential and Plus Configurations




The Bott Smartvan configuration tool allows you to create many different designs. Whether you just need basic shelving, somewhere to store your tool cases or a underfloor solution. We also give you the option of adding accessories to every module, we offer a recommended accessory pack or allow you to choose your own.

Below are just a few examples of what you can do in a medium van.

A basic shelving set up for a Transit Custom L2H1

Our Basic set up for a medium van includes:

  • Module 401  £357
  • Module 401 accessory kit  £61
  • Module 501  £357
  • Module 501 accessory kit  £61
  • Module 101B  £290
  • Module 101B accessory kit  £49.20

Total Price = £1,175.20 ex VAT

essential for custom L2
An Essential shelving set up for a Transit Custom L2H1

Our Essential set up for a medium van includes:

  • Module 404  £655
  • Module 404 accessory  kit £44
  • Module 510  £475
  • Module 510 accessory kit  £45.50
  • Module 801  £322
  • Module 801 accessory kit  £60.50
  • Module 102B  £238
  • Module 102B accessory Kit  £49.20

Total Price = £2,412.07 ex VAT

Plus for custom L2
A Plus shelving set up for a Transit Custom L2H1

Our Plus set up for a medium van includes:

  • Module 408  £427
  • Module 408 accessory kit  £62.67
  • Module 504  £655
  • Module 504 accessory kit  £44
  • Module 802  £377
  • Module 801 accessory kit  £64.10
  • Module 103B  £258
  • Module 103B accessory kit  £57.30
  • Underfloor system with boxes  £467

Total Price = £2,412.07 ex VAT


Configure yours here :